mstopaMichal grew up in a very artistic family, and as a child spent a great deal of his time in the television studio with his mother, who is a make-up artist and his father, who gave him his first analog camera at the age of six. This undoubtedly had huge influence on him and over time he developed a passion for what he envisions from being behind the lens of a camera.

Michal has worked as a camera operator, photographer and director of photography, and says that with every new production he see’s is an opportunity to help create a new piece of history. Michal knows when working behind the camera that his imagination and technical excellence helps to capture the essence of life‘s experiences.
His curiosity and passion for cinematography lead him to study and specialise in the production of Film and Television. 
He has completed studies at the Jagiellonian University which specialises in Television Production and all the processes involved in creating a greater and more complete understanding of the art of Television.
Michal held the position of Director of Photography working on advertisements which focused on improving the corporate images of local and national companies in Poland. He also held the position of Vision Supervisor for concerts and special events. While in university he was given a fabulous opportunity to be employed by Poland’s most popular commercial Television Station, TVN. His very good skills and understandings of television landed him his first job as TVN Studio Manager in 2007. Michal gained specialized skills in using the latest Studio Media Technology.

After Michal graduated he flourished as a TV camera operator where his career really took off, he not only worked at television but also collaborated with a variety of other productions.

​This offered Michal the opportunity to work on a number of well known and popular television programmes in Poland. Michal has spent a couple thousand hours behind the camera, covered concerts, advertisements, game shows, special events, live sport transmissions and variety of independents production.

bf0ecc_b9c2a67d0ed6ae9b729bc29649722861.jpg_srz_p_540_675_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Michal says that through this work he found new inspiration, which motivated him to leave Poland and move abroad in pursuit of new professional experiences, to capture a new audience, share his professional experience and inspire others with his passion and enthusiasm.

In 2012 Michal as the first polish cameraman joined to elite New Zealand Cinematographers Society.

Michal currently lives in Europe.

Nowadays Michal has a professional Crew. We are Multimedia, Photography, Film & Video Production Company based in Poland.
Our Crew specializes in high quality video production, 2D & 3D animation production and photography.
We have employed some of the latest technology to produce media solutions for a wide variety of industries cost effectively